COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms

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Windows NT Server provides a scalable platform for business critical applications and databases, connectivity, system management, and e-mail servers. The operating system integrates Web services such as Microsoft Internet Information Server, a service used to manage intranet and Internet functionality, and Microsoft FrontPage Web site creation and management tool.

Windows NT Server, Terminal Server Edition, an extension to the Windows NT Server, offers the application support of the Windows operating system platform with the centrally managed environment of the mainframe with terminal. Windows NT Server Enterprise Edition provides the means for building and deploying large-scale distributed applications for large and mission-critical servers featuring comprehensive clustering for scalability and availability. NET Enterprise Servers.

Exchange Server is a messaging and collaboration server which provides e-mail, group scheduling, task management, and document routing capabilities. BizTalk Server enables companies to rapidly build and deploy integrated business processes within their organizations and with partners.

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Commerce Server provides a comprehensive set of features for building scalable, user-centric, business-to-consumer, and business-to-business e-commerce sites. Content Management Server is the enterprise Web content management system that enables companies to quickly and efficiently build, deploy, and maintain highly dynamic Internet, intranet, and extranet Web sites. Host Integration Server extends Microsoft Windows to other systems by providing application, data, and network integration.

Internet Security and Acceleration Server provides secure, fast, and manageable Internet connectivity. It integrates an extensible, multilayer enterprise firewall and a scalable high-performance Web cache. Mobile Information Server mobile-enables the enterprise, extending the reach of Microsoft. NET Enterprise applications, enterprise data, and intranet content to the mobile user.

SharePoint Portal Server extends the capabilities of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office by offering knowledge workers a powerful new way to easily organize, find, and share information. It combines the ability to easily create corporate Web portals with document management, content searching, and team collaboration features. Other Servers. Designed for the branch office, department, and medium-sized business, BackOffice Server provides a wide range of infrastructure and application services including directory, networking, Web application, database, messaging and collaboration, Internet proxy and firewall, host integration, and Windows desktop management.

Proxy Server is an extensible firewall and Web cache server that provides Internet security while improving network response time and efficiency.

Site Server is the powerful intranet server, optimized for Microsoft Windows NT Server with Internet Information Server, for publishing and finding information easier and faster. Site Server Commerce is a comprehensive Internet commerce server that organizations can use to build and monitor dynamic and cost-effective business sites that take full advantage of the Web.

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Small Business Server is the flexible network solution designed to help small businesses with up to 50 computers. SNA Server provides connectivity to host data and applications. Systems Management Server helps centrally manage the distributed environment with integrated features, including hardware inventory, software inventory and metering, software distribution and installation, and remote troubleshooting tools. Developer Tools and Services. Software development tools and computer languages allow software developers to write programs in a particular computer language and translate programs into a binary machine-readable set of commands that activate and instruct various hardware devices.

The Company develops and markets a number of software development environments and language compilers. In addition, Microsoft receives certification fees through the Microsoft Certified Professional MCP program, a program that provides credentials for those who have demonstrated in-depth knowledge of at least one Microsoft product. Enterprise Services. Microsoft Enterprise Services assist organizations with every stage of technology planning, building, deployment, and support.

Specializing in real-life IT solutions for the enterprise, Microsoft offers a full range of consulting services for advance technology requirements, including custom solutions services, enterprise application planning, architecture and design services, and proof-of-concept services.

A branding, marketing and event solutions provider.

The Company provides product support services aligned to the customer segments, partner segments, and communities. Support offerings include the Alliance program, tailored for large enterprises running mission-critical applications on Microsoft platforms; the Premier program for enterprises; the Authorized Premier Support for all types of businesses who work jointly with Microsoft and Microsoft Gold Certified Partners; the Professional program for IT professionals, developers, and OEMs; and the Personal program for home users, which provides free online self-help resources and paid assisted phone support.

MSN Internet Access. MSN Internet access is a Web-based online service. MSN provides easy and inexpensive access for users to a wide range of graphically rich online content. MSN Internet access subscribers can access their account from multiple sources, including a computer, television, Internet appliances, and Personal Data Assistants. MSN Network Services. MSN Messenger Service is a free Internet messaging service that enables users to see when others are online and exchange instant messages with them. MSN Music provides consumers with one place online to find old favorites, as well as discover new music, and delivers a high quality listening experience.

MSN eShop is a one-stop online shopping resource. PC and Online Games. The Company offers a line of entertainment products from classic software games to online games, simulations, sport products, and strategy games. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a popular aircraft flight simulation product. Learning and Productivity Software. The Encarta family of products includes a multimedia encyclopedia database with interactive information, an interactive world atlas with three-dimensional maps, a world English dictionary, and an online version with monthly updates.

Microsoft Bookshelf is a multimedia reference library that gives users fast, easy access to reference resources. Microsoft Money offers leading tools and resources to conduct a wide range of financial activities. Mobility and Embedded Systems. Microsoft develops a number of software platforms for mobile computing form factors.

Products such as Pocket PC, Microsoft Mobile Explorer, and Microsoft Smartphone platform currently codenamed Stinger are designed to enable a variety of mobile scenarios. Microsoft Windows CE, a robust real-time embedded operating system, is targeted at small footprint, mobile bit devices. Both embedded operating systems offer integrated tool sets to enable embedded system developers to quickly create sophisticated embedded device and application solutions.

Microsoft Mobile Explorer enables secure mobile access to corporate or personal e-mail, corporate networks, and the Internet when connected to a wireless network. Microsoft Mobile Information Server is a scalable and reliable mobile applications server that provides enterprise customers and mobile operators with a rich platform for extending.

NET Enterprise application and securely delivering real-time, wireless data to mobile devices. Expedia, Inc. USA announced an agreement to acquire a controlling interest in Expedia through the purchase of up to If holders of more than Microsoft has agreed to transfer all of its It is expected that the transaction will close by December 31, HomeAdvisor online real estate service. The HomeAdvisor online real estate service is a complete guide to the home-buying process and provides comprehensive tools for finding homes and loans on the Internet. HomeAdvisor provides users with the information and knowledge needed to take control of the home-buying process.

This includes customized search features, worksheets and calculators, and editorial content and home-buying advice. CarPoint online automotive service. The CarPoint online automotive service is the leading online automotive marketplace, visited by more than 7 million consumers each month. With details on more than 10, car models and , used vehicles, users can research and compare cars of virtually every make and model, identify local dealers, and receive instructions for post-purchase service and maintenance.

Other Hardware. Microsoft Press.

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Microsoft Press offers comprehensive learning and training resources to help new users, power users, and professionals get the most from Microsoft technology through books, CDs, self-paced training kits, and videos that are created to accommodate different learning styles and preferences. Microsoft Press books are authored by professional and technical writers, both by Microsoft employees and independent authors. The Company has entered into joint venture arrangements to take advantage of creative talent and content from other organizations. Microsoft owns 49 percent of Avanade Inc.

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The software industry is characterized by rapid technological change, which requires constant attention to computing technology trends, and shifting consumer demand, and rapid product innovation. The pace of change is accelerating as the computing needs of our customers move beyond the PC toward intelligent devices and appliances.

The Company also purchases technology, licenses intellectual property rights, and oversees third-party development and localization of certain products. Internal development enables Microsoft to maintain closer technical control over its products and gives the Company the freedom to designate which modifications and enhancements are most important and when they should be implemented.

The Company has created a substantial body of proprietary development tools and has evolved development methodologies for creating and enhancing its products. Product documentation is generally created internally. The Company believes that a crucial factor in the success of a new product is getting it to market quickly to respond to new user needs or advances in intelligent devices, PCs, servers, and the Internet, without compromising product quality.

The Company strives to become informed at the earliest possible time about changing usage patterns and hardware advances that may affect software design. Before releasing new software platforms, Microsoft provides to software vendors a range of development, training, testing resources, and guidelines for developing applications.

Localizing a product might require modifying the user interface, altering dialog boxes, and translating text. In Japanese versions, for example, all user messages and documentation are in Japanese with monetary references in the Japanese yen. Various Microsoft products have been localized into more than 30 languages. Those amounts represented The Company is committed to continue high expenditures for research and product development. XML Web services allow applications to communicate and share data over the Internet, regardless of operating system or programming language. The Microsoft.

NET platform includes a comprehensive family of products, built on XML and Internet industry standards, which provide for each aspect of developing, managing, using, and experiencing XML Web services. There are five areas where Microsoft is building the. NET Experiences. In the Tools area, Visual Studio. NET and the Microsoft. They maximize the performance, reliability, and security of XML Web services. Designed with mission-critical performance in mind, they provide enterprises with the agility they need to integrate their systems, applications, and partners through XML Web services, and the flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements.

In addition to developers creating XML Web services, Microsoft is creating a core set of building block services that perform routine tasks and act as the backbone for developers to build upon. HailStorm is based upon the Microsoft Passport user authentication system. With HailStorm, users receive relevant information, as they need it, delivered to the devices they are using, and based on preferences they have established. Clients are PCs, laptops, workstations, phones, handheld computers, Tablet PCs, game consoles, and other smart devices. These smart clients and devices use software that supports XML Web services, which enable users to access their data regardless of the location, type, and number of clients used.

Smart clients and devices leverage XML Web services to create. NET experiences that allow users to access information across the Internet and from stand-alone applications in an integrated way. Some of the products that Microsoft is transitioning into. Microsoft contracts out most of its manufacturing activity to third parties. Outside manufacturers produce various retail software packaged products and hardware.

There are other custom manufacturers Microsoft could use in the event outsourced manufacturing becomes unavailable from current vendors. The Company has multiple sources for raw materials, supplies, and components and is often able to acquire component parts and materials on a volume discount basis.

Microsoft manages all product fulfillment, licensing, and logistics services. The regional centers support all operations activities, including information processing, vendor management, logistics, and related supporting functions by geographical regions. The OEM sales group includes the sales force that works with original equipment manufacturers that preinstall Microsoft software on their PCs. Finished Goods Channels Distributors and Resellers. The Company licenses and sells its products in the finished goods channels primarily to and through independent non-exclusive distributors and resellers.

Microsoft has a network of field sales representatives and field support personnel who solicit orders from distributors and resellers and provide product training and sales support. Enterprise Accounts. The Microsoft Select program offers flexible software acquisition, licensing, and maintenance options specially customized to meet the needs of large multinational organizations. Targeted audiences include technology specialists and influential end users in large enterprises. A common scenario is that you will install Windows Server on a pre-Gen8 ProLiant manually, that is, without HP software-assisted installation.

HP published a page Technical white paper in September on Windows Server implementation recommendations, which makes clear that HP supports Windows Server installation on G7 and Gen8 ProLiant hardware, and also advises which drivers to use and where they are located SPP or Supplement.

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COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms
COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms
COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms
COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms
COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms
COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms
COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms

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