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Study Medicine Abroad in English

Who we are - British in Europe

But that doesn't necessarily mean the four people who live in the tiny Spanish town you're hiking through are going to be able to help you find your way back to your hostel. Good thing Hungarian is really easy to learn. Check out the full results of the report on the map below.

Sometimes she pretends to speak no English when approached by people on the street trying to get her to go to a comedy club. Follow her speaking Greek on Twitter at ChloePantazi. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Share on Facebook Pin it.

Which EU countries are the best and worst at speaking English?

Want More? We live in a society that is always in the midst of progressive change and development.

The interactions that occur within the modern marketplace have increasingly linked people together from between different countries, and this constitutes a greater need for multilingual communication abilities between these peoples. During the course of such processes, the English language has become an internationally important one in the business world.

More than any other foreign language, European youths learn English

From Eurostat data, we have taken a look at the European countries where English as a second language is most widely taught in secondary school. In this day and age, students from around the world are learning English, and it has become a mainstay within many curricula. Children from all over study English in schools from early ages, and the global population of fluent English-speakers is constantly growing still. In , the five European countries with the highest percentages of pupils learning English as a second language were the Czech Republic, Malta , the Netherlands, Sweden , and Liechtenstein.

All of these countries have well-developed economies with healthy international relations.

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They are major participants in the global marketplace, and many of their students participate in exchange programs in English-speaking countries as well. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the five European countries with the lowest percentages of their pupils learning English as a second language are Cyprus , Hungary , Iceland , Portugal , and Norway. We could say that these countries are having their priorities less based on implementing English language studies as a compulsory subject in schools in comparison with the top five countries with the biggest percentage of pupils learning English, where the language is virtually always found in the curriculum.

Other factors that can contribute to this difference could include their respective levels of participation in foreign markets, foreign relations between countries, and how well developed their respective academic systems are in general. It could also be the case that these are countries where students learn a sufficient amount of English during other levels of education such as primary, preschool, or even tertiary.

English in Europe English in Europe
English in Europe English in Europe
English in Europe English in Europe
English in Europe English in Europe
English in Europe English in Europe

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