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Otherwise, I recommend it for those who are interested in the non-canonical books of Christianity, Christian and mystical esoterica, Bible prophesy, theology, and those who like a good, curious obscure read. The reason I wanted to read the Book of Enoch was because I've heard preachers that I admire mention it. I didn't know much about it when I started reading it, except that it gave insight into the days prior to Noah's flood.

Of course, whether or not this book is inspired by God as I believe the Bible to be is up for debate. All the same though, I figured it was worth checking out. I do not see anything in the book of Enoch that contradicts the Bible, and in many ways, it helps explain how oth The reason I wanted to read the Book of Enoch was because I've heard preachers that I admire mention it.

I do not see anything in the book of Enoch that contradicts the Bible, and in many ways, it helps explain how other cultures acquired their myths regarding "gods" who slept with women and had offspring. Then there is the issue of giants, which also pop up in myths. However, that is not the bulk of this book's contents. There were parts in it about the sun and moon and how they rise and descend into various "doors" depending on the time of year.

The angels were mentioned and some of their names and roles were explained. Then there was the vision of where the lost and the fallen angels will spend eternity. Noah is credited for writing a portion of this book as well, and the flood is warned ahead of time and even covered in a vision Enoch has. Then Enoch gives an overall view of human history post-flood to when the Son of Man returns His second coming and how the wicked are punished forever while the righteous live on in joy forever.

I did not realize this book contained all of this extra stuff as well, which is why I mention it here in this review. Overall, I found it useful for background knowledge. I plan to do more research in this area though before I make any definite conclusions. Do I think this is worth reading? Yes because regardless of how "accurate" it may be, I did find myself praising God in light of what I read concerning His care for His own. Also, I think it is very plausible that things happened the way Enoch said they did.

However, I would not put this above or in place of the Bible. I think it's important to have read the Bible first to have the foundation in place. As for this translation, I liked it, especially when Joseph B. Lumpkin tied in Biblical verses with pertinent passages. View 2 comments. Dec 12, Daniel Rekshan rated it it was amazing. Also, I was interested in it because of my interest in John Dee and Emanuel Swedenborg , both authors profess an interaction with beings that may loosely be termed "Enochian Angels", which simply meanings that these beings are similar to those mentioned in this book.

This book melds the archetypal stories of Prometheus and the Fall of Man from Genesis. From this point of view, its very interesting book. Its even more interesting because the narrative reveals the drama of the angelic or god beings aliens in von Daniken's eyes. It reveals their motivation and their world.

Whether or not this book actually talks about ancient alien visitation, doesn't seem to matter to me. Its opened my eyes to a different aspect of myths. May be the oldest piece of literature ever written. May have even been on the Ark with Noah. Jesus taught from it on many occasions more than from any other book. His brother, Jude, quotes it verbatim in his book.

Enoch almost made it into the Bible but missed this by just a few votes at the Council of Nicaea in A. The primary objection of those who voted against it is that Enoch explains in no uncertain terms that angels rebelled against God and had sexual intercourse with human women, May be the oldest piece of literature ever written. The primary objection of those who voted against it is that Enoch explains in no uncertain terms that angels rebelled against God and had sexual intercourse with human women, creating a race of giants, in Noah's time.

The Book of Enoch the Prophet: Chapter I-XX

This is the primary reason given by God in Genesis 6 for destroying the earth with the Flood. Crazy stuff, and with implications for our own time and our near future View all 6 comments. Sep 20, Yari rated it liked it. It's a bit difficult to review this book. The portions referring to the angels were really interesting but I dragged through the numbering of the days of the years and the function of the sun and the moon etc.

There were parts that were beautiful and 'scripture-like' but you can find similar scripture verses written much more powerfully. This gives me reason enough to understand why the book of Enoch was disgarded. Christians should approach the book of Enoch as a piece of history and definitely It's a bit difficult to review this book.

Christians should approach the book of Enoch as a piece of history and definitely not as part of THE inspired text. Ever ask Your self:"Who was the first Astronaut,really? One of Many books forbidden from The Bible. Shelves: biblical-literature. Amazing piece of apocryphal literature! It engaged me almost immediately with it's lore about the angels. I've always been enamored with angel lore so this book, along with a few other apocryphal books are so interesting to me. They make me feel like I'm getting the chunk of the story that was perhaps edited out of Genesis the beginning of Genesis, when creation is being discussed and, oh so briefly, the fall of the angels and what happened It help Amazing piece of apocryphal literature!

It helps me better understand these creatures we call angels, why some of them may have been so enamored with humans to want to come to earth to mate with us and eventually cause their own demise and fall with Lucifer. However, I must remind readers out their that thinking that this is perhaps a "companion book" to the Holy Bible As one of the other reviewers indicated, this is a late 19th century translation of what is now known as the book of 1 Enoch.

The translation is serviceable, with a good introduction and plenty of footnotes explaining the textual choices made though I suspect if you care about the latter you will be reading it in the original. I must confess that when I read books like this one it is out of a sort of literary tourism. It can't provide the raw entertainment of a good novel, it lacks authority to As one of the other reviewers indicated, this is a late 19th century translation of what is now known as the book of 1 Enoch.

It can't provide the raw entertainment of a good novel, it lacks authority to be treated with theological depth leaving its value to be mainly that of a theological and historical curiosity. Personally, I most enjoyed the section now known as The Book of the Watchers which expounds for good or ill upon the basic accounts of the pre-flood world offered in the book of Genesis. The latter part of the book, especially the visions, were hard to follow.

These sections are, no doubt, the most interesting to a true scholar as they would probably offer more insight into the beliefs of theologically conservative Jews of the period. Jan 24, Avel Rudenko rated it it was amazing. It's wonderful content reveals more on who the "Sons of God" were. As mentioned in the Book of Genesis just before the great flood. It allowed me to realize a perspective in the verity on questions like, who these alien visitors were and why we do not have evidence of these visits.

Also exposing the facts on who really built the pyramids. And gave man the knowledge responsible for his Book of Enoch is to the beginning of Earth as the Book of Revelations is to the End of times in the Holy Bible. And gave man the knowledge responsible for his great technological advances. Are a few of us, the "Elect" ancestrally related by a consanguineous relation of the past. You'd be surprised by how much more the suppressors know, than you. We are all ONE, a collective consciousness.

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If you kill a human being, you are killing part of yourself. Islamic, Jewish, Christian…we all stem from the same inception. We just went "really" wrong somewhere down the line. Aug 13, Cem rated it really liked it. The Book of Enoch is a transitional piece of apocalyptica! Some of the texts are as weird as the heaviest of the Nag Hammadi scriptures but in essence, tell of the same story of the time briefly described in Genesis, when the Nephilim came down from heaven and took human wives and worse, taught men agriculture, metal working, writing and so on. An A-level text The Book of Enoch is a transitional piece of apocalyptica!

An A-level text for all "they came from outer space" nuts Yes, I enjoyed it. Some parts were very thought provoking, some were a bit "out there", but all of it was interesting for being written as long ago as BC. Book 1 The Watchers is the one that seems to get the most press or mentions for its descriptions of the angels, the Watchers, and the Nephilim, but I actually enjoyed Book 2 Parables the most, with the Son of Man chapters and references.

Apr 29, John Martindale rated it liked it Shelves: religion , history.

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Parts of the Book of Enoch, according to critical scholars were written around BC. The book is traditionally ascribed Enoch. To me it would be fascinating if the contents of this book really were from Enoch and copied throughout the ages or carried along by oral tradition until they were written down. Fragments of Enoch were among the dead sea scrolls and it is believed much of earlier Christendom were pretty familiar with its content.

There is a possibility that Enoch is Jewish Midrash, which was If I understand right , similar to what we today, call historical fiction. Midrash, then was a Jewish way to convey spiritual truth in story form, freely filling in gaps that the Torah left out. So it is possible that when Jude quoted Enoch, it was like quoting a character from a story, much like if I was to quote Grandalf from the Lord of the Rings.

The question is, how did the readers at that time in history understand Enoch? Did they see it as Midrash or as ancient historical scripture? Many of the church fathers quoted from Enoch, nevertheless for various reasons which I won't discuss here, it was rejected from the biblical canon, also the book of Jude was almost rejected because it quoted Enoch. The contents of the book of Enoch really interested me.

Enoch goes into considerable detail about the angels that left their abode and coupled with the daughters of men, creating giants titans. Much of the book is concerning the wickedness they brought to earth and the judgment that will come upon them, in the flood, but ultimately in the final judgment. Enoch has much to say about the final judgment, having a developed concept of angels, demons, the soul, heaven and hell and the Messiah, also called the Ancient of days and the Son of Man.

Much of what Enoch shares on these things is expressed by New Testament authors. Many critical scholars have confidently claimed the Jews merely stole their concept of demons and the afterlife from Zoroastrianism, during their time of captivity in Persia. Though, I'm thoroughly convinced otherwise, I'll still note here that if it could be shown the book of Enoch had its origins before the captivity, then this would truly dispel their nonsense once and for all.

Even if it was merely some historical fiction written in the 3rd century BC, then, wow Since the book of Jude is primarily about judgment, it understandable why he chose to quote from this text. After reading Enoch, it is easy to think much of the epistle was inspired by Enoch. I wonder if it is safe to assume that those he wrote to were familiar with Enoch, and Jude is primarily writing his letter to remind them of the fate of the wicked found in its pages. This is an old translation of the same document published recently by another publisher under the title 1 Enoch: A New Translation.

This is a reprint of the original edition by William Clowes and Sons, London. It was written about the 2nd-1st century BC. It follows the solar calendar, which was favored This is an old translation of the same document published recently by another publisher under the title 1 Enoch: A New Translation. It follows the solar calendar, which was favored by the Sadducees, to keep in sync with the Roman calendar. The Pharisees on the other hand, while the Pharisees observed ceremonies and festivals according to the Torah lunar calendar.

Our adjusted western calendar merges the two. It was discovered in Fragments of it have been found in Greek and Latin, but the Ge'ez version is the only whole intact version. It is written in a poetic style, and may have rhymed in the original. In the introduction Laurence provided a parallel listing of the verses in New Testament writings that are the same or very similar, and some close matches that represent the same sentiment or perspectives.

Several passages in various New Testament writers are identical to passages in the Book of Enoch. It is also quoted or cited by Clement of Alexandria in the 2nd century. This document is also known as First Enoch, and one publisher has published it under that name. Very Interesting!

I read this book because of a fiction book I read called Angelology had mentioned Angels who had came from heaven and had married human women and produced off spring and that these so called angels had been cast into the center of the earth in a deep cave for their actions of teaching the humans many secrets such as sorcery, weaponary, fire, writing, and how to read the stars to map and know the weather etc Sure enough, this book tells all about it.

It not only tells about th Very Interesting! It not only tells about the angels but visions that Enoch had or should I say that the Angels showed him the secrets of the heavens and earth. For example, what God's throne look liked, what hell looked like, how the sun and moon came through heaven, how the seasons were developed, how time is made through the heavens, how the stars control everything, and most importantly, how the wind, the rain, the clouds, and the lightning are all spirits.

Anyway, very interesting. It just makes me wonder why some of this was not put into the bible more clearly. Also makes me think about those Angels who are still somewhere in the middle of a desert burried deep and chained. View all 3 comments. Aug 16, Jeff McCormack rated it really liked it Shelves: nt-studies. This volume of the Book of Enoch is a great one. It contains a very lengthy introduction filled with the history, discussion, disputes surrounding these writings, and references to other related works of the time when this was written - ish.

Then the book content itself contains all of the text, with tons of added footnote and commentary throughout. I had previously read the same translation, but the volume I had was strictly the content with a minor introduction. This volume is so much m This volume of the Book of Enoch is a great one. This volume is so much more and fills in many historical gaps. Great writing, and a very good edition of this writing in this expounded edition. Too bad it took a confused Christian Identity organization to reprint this work. Jul 19, Nicole Steenstra rated it it was amazing. Read Enoch, the Dead Sea scrolls, and G.

Boccaccini's Beyond the Essene Hypothesis and decide for yourself. I wasn't sure what to expect. It doesn't exactly read like Antediluvian scripture, but like it might be a derivation of an earlier work. The language of the translation isn't King James, which makes it a bit more readable, but less like an apocryphal work of scripture.

The manuscript is an interesting historical artifact. The connection to the earliest figures in Genesis adds to the curiosity factor. A good book which has many parallels to other religious texts which I have read. I found a translation by Knibb with commentary by McCracken. I do not like a lot of the commentary and have given that part a very low score. I do not see the tree of knowledge being cannabis, that strikes me as wishful thinking on the part of the commentator.

The Book of Enoch 📚 Part 3 - Apocrypha 🕎

Feb 15, Avery Mckenzie rated it it was amazing. When I started reading this I was under the impression that it would destroy my concept of religion but it did the exact opposite. I actually wanted to read the bible again and understand more of the Apocalypse. I highly recommend this work especially if you're disillusioned with religion. Not quite what I was expecting I realised after reading this was a translation. I wanted something more concise, but got what I needed for my research. Jun 03, Alistair rated it really liked it.

This text describes the fall of the Watchers, they are basically the Angels who fathered the Nephilim, or Giants that roamed the earth and sinned leading God to punish man by the Great Flood. Enoch visits heaven in visions and dreams and have many revelations. The text is divided into sections. The Book of Enoch reflect the changes in the people of God over the Ages.

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The book has influence on the Talmudic and Rabbinic This text describes the fall of the Watchers, they are basically the Angels who fathered the Nephilim, or Giants that roamed the earth and sinned leading God to punish man by the Great Flood. The book has influence on the Talmudic and Rabbinical lore. Enoch is the name of four major person. The first the eldest son of Cain, the second was the son of Jared, the third was the son of Midian and the fourth is the oldest son of Reuben. Enoch is the father of Jewish Arithmetic and Astrology. Among Muslims he is seen as an inventor and a prophet of God.

Thirty books are attributed to him. Ethiopia having a link to Judaism through the Queen of Sheba, Peaceably converted to Christianity as a branching of Judaism. The book has peculiar names for God and differs in the Angelology and Demonology i. The son of the fallen Angel are demons and become objects of worship. Part of the Parables were written in Palestine although the text is Aksumite in it use origin. Section I. Enoch was a just man so that his eyes were open to the holy and great one. The book is prophetic and deals with the end of time.

The end of the world. Enoch observed the heavens. He observed the summer and how the sun shines upon the earth. Yea hard hearth yea will never have peace. They will be punished for all the days of their lives. He also give a description of the blessing of the save. The sinners are not annihilated but removed to their place of punishment. Solomon direct the sluggards to the animal Kingdom and the sinners to the inanimate.

Section II. And it came to pass when the children of men had brought forth beautiful daughter some of the Angel look upon them and lusted they bounded themselves by a mutual course and descended to Earth. They numbered some , descending on Mount Hermon. They took unto themselves wives and went into them and mixed with them and taught the charms and magic. The brought forth children who were great giant who were conjurer and much wickedness and blood filled the Earth.

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God said to Gabriel go against the bastard and cast them off. The children of the watchers have oppressed mankind. All uncleanness will be eradicated from the Earth and never more will a great flood be on the Earth for all the generations of the world. This seem similar to the punishment of the Titans but should not be confused with it as it is derived from Deuteronomy.

Section III. And none of the men knew where Enoch was. He called to the Watchers who came from heaven and defiled themselves. Enoch wrote a memorial petition that he would bring to God. Then he had a vision to upbraid the Watchers the sons of heaven. He returned to the Watchmen that they will never even give their petition, to enter heaven for eternity. Enoch entered into heaven. There were buildings of crystal and a tongue of fire, a building within a building and a great throne.

The majestic and mighty one sat upon it and Enoch trembled. Gods said of the Watcher that they defiled themselves with women, and that they should have petitioned for men and not men for them. The Watcher will be Evil Spirits of the Earth. The Giants will be invisible on the Earth and their Evil Spirits shall not trouble man for they came from them.

They, the Giants, came and introduced the days of war. Through these mysteries, did women and men increase in wickedness on the face of the Earth. The Angel first being purely spiritual now poses a soul and a body like men. Section IV. They, the Angels, appear like men. They took him to the water of life that flowed like fire. He saw all the sources of all the rivers of the earth. He saw the pillars of heaven which are four winds.

The Book of Enoch the Prophet, translated by R. H. Charles

He saw a great abyss in the earth and heavenly columns. He saw a great fire surrounded by an abyss. Uriel said this is the prison of the Angels and they are present for eternity. Here the subject is the Angels. Angels can be subject to many forms. The Stars here is a biblical identification for thee heavenly objects.

This work was influential in Angelology in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Section V. Enoch went to four beautiful places Rufael said here that all the souls of the dead are assembled until the Day of Judgment, they saw Abel the one that was slew by Cain. The souls are separated into three compartments.

For the virtuous, the sinner and the unholy sinners.

He saw magnificent mountains three towers towards the east and three towards the south. There was a beautiful tree, among them with a wonderful fragrance. Michael said that tree life will begin the virtuous and they will be with the lord in the north. He went to the middle of the earth which had a blessed land with a cursed valley separating it. Uriel said it is for a just judgment; the valley is for the person who blaspheme and curse the name of the lord. He went west and saw a valley with water that does not dry up, a trees from which water flow. He looked north and saw pleasant trees and makes his way to the tree of wisdom where the first father and mother, Adam and Eve did eat of the fruit and their eyes were open.

He went toward the end of the earth where portals did open up, here winds from heaven blew and all with corner of the earth have portals for winds and stars to come to the earth from heaven. The places described is the Sheol of the Hebrew or the Hades of the Greek which is a holding place for the dead. The first judgment is to be left unburied the second judgment is that done by God. This chapter describe the annihilation of the soul.

However it does not mean death but being cast into hell from Sheol. In Sheol the souls can pray or cry to God the voices of the righteous reach heaven. Sheol seem like a state of Purgatory. The tree of life is to be transplanted to the New Jerusalem the center of the world. As the Greek believed Delphi is the center of the earth. Section VI. Enoch is the son of Jared, who is the son of Mahalaleel, the son of Cainan, the son of Enos, the son of Seth, the son of Adam had a second vision.

This is the beginning of the words of Wisdom. There was not given the wisdom which Enoch will speak, given by the Lord of the spirits. Here God is peculiar to this parable as the Lord of the spirits. The Parables were given to Enoch to give to the people that dwell on the earth. Section VII. When the congregation of the just do congregate what will happen to the people that denied the Lord of the spirits.

The deniers will have no mercy says the lord of the spirits. All the just are ornamented with the light of the fire and the will bless the Lord of the spirits. Bless him till eternity. Holy, Holy, Holy. The Lord of the spirits fills the world with spirits. There were four faces whose voices were pleading for the people chasing the bad spirits who would defile the good. He sees the path of the moon, stars and the shining sun goes out on the behest of the Lord of the spirits. Wisdom lived in heaven but came to earth but she could not find a home among the children of men.

Lightning and flashes of light arise from the stars and leave nothing behind them. Satan existed before the fall of the Angels and his Kingdom dwell the Angels of punishment. Section VIII. The second Parable is for the people who deny the name of the Lord of the spirits. He will transform the earth and make it blessed and destroy the sinners from the face of the earth. There was a man with white hair he was the son of man, he will expel the countenance of the strong who do not exalt the lord of the spirits.

The prayer of the just will not be in vein and the payer of the just will be heard. Origen A. In polemical discussion with Celsus, he affirms that the work of the antediluvian patriarch was not accepted in the Churches as Divine; and modern theologians have accordingly assumed that he rejected its inspiration: but the extent to which he adopts its language and ideas discloses personal conviction that Enoch was one of the greatest of the prophets. Thus, in his treatise on the angels, we read: "We are not to suppose that a special office has been assigned by mere accident to a particular angel: as to Raphael, the work of curing and healing; to Gabriel, the direction of wars; to Michael, the duty of hearing the prayers and supplications of men.

Turning to the Book of Enoch we read: "After this I besought the angel of peace, who proceeded with me, to explain all that was concealed. I said to him, Who are those whom I have seen on the four sides, and whose words I have heard and written down. He replied, The first is the merciful, the patient, the holy Michael.

The second is he who presides over every suffering and every affliction of the sons of men, the holy Raphael. The third, who presides over all that is powerful, is Gabriel. And the fourth, who presides over repentance and the hope of those who will inherit eternal life, is Phanuel. When primitive Christianity had freely appropriated the visions of Enoch as the materials of constructive dogmas, this remarkable book gradually sank into oblivion, disappeared out of Western Christendom, and was eventually forgotten by a Church, which unconsciously perpetuated its teaching as the miraculous revelations of Christianity.

The Book of Enoch, unknown to Europe for nearly a thousand years, except through the fragments preserved by Georgius Syncellus circa , A. Douglas, the Bishop of Carlisle. Laurence, Archbishop of Cashel, formerly Professor of Hebrew at Oxford, who issued his first edition in , in apparent unconsciousness that he was giving to mankind the theological fossils through which we, in the clearer light of our generation, may study the "Evolution of Christianity. All rights reserved. Over 2, ebooks - Immediate download - Click for more info.

The Book of Enoch the Prophet The Book of Enoch the Prophet
The Book of Enoch the Prophet The Book of Enoch the Prophet
The Book of Enoch the Prophet The Book of Enoch the Prophet
The Book of Enoch the Prophet The Book of Enoch the Prophet
The Book of Enoch the Prophet The Book of Enoch the Prophet
The Book of Enoch the Prophet The Book of Enoch the Prophet
The Book of Enoch the Prophet The Book of Enoch the Prophet
The Book of Enoch the Prophet The Book of Enoch the Prophet
The Book of Enoch the Prophet The Book of Enoch the Prophet

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