The Real Business of Photography

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The Business of Commercial Photography

I just ask, if you own a business or want to, that you hear me out for a moment! The other day Brandy was out shopping with one of her girl friends and I was at home with the boys and decided to have a mini Star Trek: Deep Space Nine marathon a la Netflix. One of the main characters, Quark, is one of the large eared "alien" race known as the Ferengi. They are a male dominated society whose entire life is dedicated to making profit. Most people, even in the show, just scoff at their entire race as little trolls who are backwards thinking and don't fit in the 25th century, and on most cases I completely agree and just enjoy them as comic relief to the show.

However, as Quark was reciting the rules of acquisition while talking about the bar he runs on their space station for which the show is named, I realized that there's several of the rules that many of us small business owners can learn from! Here are just five of my favorite rules for real life business use:. Rule of Acquisition 17 A contract is a contract is a contract We follow a lot of forums and blogs that have a lot of people wanting to break into the business of photography and many times they complain about things like clients who cancel on them last minute or want refunds for ridiculous things or a plethora of things that should have been spelled out explicitly in a well written, binding contract.

Let your client know that the contract is there to protect your rights as well as theirs and you can avoid SO many issues. Rule of Acquisition 21 Never place friendship above profit.

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This might be a hard pill to swallow for some and seem a little harsh, but hear us out for a second, especially for those that are just starting out. When you start a business, naturally the first place you are going to turn to is your friends for support. The problem falls into when that friend thinks they can squeeze a deal out of you because they are your friend. We have fallen prey to this problem more than once. Unfortunately, the clients we have had who were supposed to be our "friends" before they were our clients have more than once turned out to be some of our worst clients.

They expect to not be charged as much, circumvent our contract, and rush turn around time for their photos before other clients because they are our friends. They simply did not respect us as business owners. They thought by being our clients they were doing US a favor by giving us their business and in return we owed them something more than the stellar service we already provide.

Which ends up hurting or even destroying friendships. We finally talked to a friend who owns a bakery; she told us that she does not offer "deals" for friends because of this fact. This also falls back to the 17th Rule of Acquisition which we previously mentioned. When he isn't building brands here at Wylieford. Loves animals, gardening and enjoys exploring his creative sense.

With experience photographing everything from beer bottles to motorcycles to filming interviews and short films, Sam has a diverse portfolio. With a versatile approach and a creative frame of mind, Sam believes everything and everyone has a story to tell. Rikki is our high flyer!

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Getting high is one thing he loves to do.. He loves to fix anything he can get his hands on, especially cars! He has been in the business for over 10 years and with his creative video making and extrovert personality, he really knows how to show off your vision.! He is detailed and personable. Eric approaches photography with a critical eye and open heart.

With over a decade of experience, he is always striving to capture the essence of his subjects in creative ways. Whether shooting concerts, people or houses, his passion for music is always a driving force behind his inspiration.

The Real Business of Photography

He officially joins the team with over 15 years of Technical Engineering and System Administration experience from various creative and media companies such as Technicolor and Bell Media. Specializing in creative desktop support and the pre, production and post pipeline - His real passion lies in all things Apple. Side Job Rob has been with Wylieford. A Marketing leader specializing in eCommerce, he is seen with the Silicon Valley elite by day, and pushing bits and bytes of code at night across his ever growing fleet of side projects.

With a serial entrepreneurial spirit Rob always has one eye on that next big thing, and is a solid pillar for any growing start-up!

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He has been fantastic to work with and very cooperative at building a custom look and feel for my videos and custom print materials. But what I like the best about Wylie is his understanding of how the superior quality of his work reflects positively on my business, which leads to more business for me and in turn more business for him as well. I truly consider Wylie a valued business partner.

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I find it breathtaking to be able to work with such a creative company and watch them grow to the company they are today. Thanks to the entire team for making my business flourish!

5 things you NEED for your PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS

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Overview This honest, tell-all guide is written by one of the best-known players of the media photography business. Drawing from decades of experience as a working photographer and industry leader, the author defies popular business myths and trend-driven behavior by providing a fresh, common-sense approach to running a photography business. The essentials of running a photography business are covered-from setting a strategic vision to managing finances.

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Allworth Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, publishes a broad range of books on the visual and performing arts, with emphasis on the business of art.

The Real Business of Photography The Real Business of Photography
The Real Business of Photography The Real Business of Photography
The Real Business of Photography The Real Business of Photography
The Real Business of Photography The Real Business of Photography
The Real Business of Photography The Real Business of Photography

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