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Others jumped on the bandwagon more recently, thanks to propaganda spread by social media and alternative outlets like Breitbart, InfoWars, and the Daily Stormer about threats posed to white well-being by immigration, multiculturalism, and feminism. Still others are drawn by the promises of a movement that imbues their femininity with enormous power: they are told that, simply by being white, female, attractive, and fertile, they will be valuable beyond measure to a renegade but righteous cause.


Geller came to prominence within the Far Right via her campaign against the Park51 Islamic center project in lower Manhattan. Rogers runs the hotline from her home in Arkansas, where she connects callers to local militia groups and helps with recruitment. She considers herself a spokesperson of the militia movement, and she has previously participated in vigilante border patrols.

Nativist militias have been patrolling the border for nearly a decade, and while anti-government groups have declined from their peak in , militias remain strong, currently making up 40 percent of active anti-government movements. Willman, shown here second from the right, in black, insists she is not anti-Indian—her mother and grandmother were enrolled members of the Cherokee tribe—and she decorates her Ronan, Montana, home with Native American art.

Once in the fold, women are potent disseminators of racist ideology, palatable voices who provide the Far Right with a thin, dangerous veneer of feminine domesticity and normalcy.

Gordon met women who send invites and cook meals for Klan gatherings. She met women who are Jewish and Latina, but who promote assimilation into white, Western culture as a way, they argue, to keep America strong. Nothing, of course, except when those signifiers conveniently cloak bigotry.

The women Gordon encountered seem to know their power and their place, both in the movement and in relation to the men in their lives. In submitting to white patriarchy—whether they call it that or not—the women are doing their part to preserve the politics of whiteness and with it their own privilege, which they believe is their birthright. The politics of whiteness, Gordon notes, have always been and always will be politics of exclusion, no matter who dresses them up or how. The Secret Weapons of the Far Right. Issue No. Brooke Heimbach White nationalist Brooke met her husband, Matt Heimbach, at a conference for American Renaissance, a pseudoscientific think tank that promotes eugenics.

Irma Hinojosa Social media personality With over 85, followers on Twitter, Hinojosa promotes rhetoric that espouses a strong anti-illegal-immigration and pro-border-security stance. Barbie Rogers Founder of the Patriots Information Hotline Rogers runs the hotline from her home in Arkansas, where she connects callers to local militia groups and helps with recruitment. Share this story. And He hates the homosexual lifestyle. So the theme of the rally was a call for action on behalf of the victims of homosexuality.

And that too, I think, is a refreshing perspective. That there are people who are victims of homosexuality. And that puts the right kind of label on the homosexual lifestyle. And so you have a whole group of people in Uganda who have the first kind of organized activity against homosexual activism in that country. GLSEN shamelessly exploits teen suicide in order to create a climate of hysteria which they then use to falsely impute culpability for teen suicide to conservative moral beliefs.

Women, Race, and the Law in Early America

Their cultural vehicle of choice for this radical social experiment is public education. What a strategic coup for homosexualists: use our money to capture the hearts and minds of our children. It is an unproven, non-factual, controversial moral belief. As such, no government employee or publicly subsidized institution has the ethical right to teach it to children implicitly or explicitly. It is entirely possible for schools to work toward the important goal of eradicating bullying without affirming homosexuality or gender confusion. It is unconscionable that conservative parents remain silent, acquiescent, fearful non-participants in our public schools while homosexuals and their ideological allies engage continuously in vociferous, vigorous, and bold action.

And conservatives do virtually nothing. Our complacence makes us complicit in the damage done to our children and our culture. Moreover, we teach our children by example to be cowardly conformists.

Election Watch

The program, now in its second year, has the backing of groups from the Girl Scouts to Amnesty International but has also drawn complaints that it overemphasizes harassment of gay youths. The Day of Silence is a thinly disguised pro-homosexual campaign sponsored in part by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network GLSEN , in which students -- prompted by homosexual pressure groups -- take a vow of silence to highlight their alleged oppression.

There is something so fundamentally wrong with the President's appointment that parents and all adults who care about children's well-being must demand that Kevin Jennings be fired immediately. It is prejudicial and bigoted. It also would eliminate the ability of transgender people to sue based on discrimination if they are denied use of their preferred restrooms. It is hard to envision such an outcome, but the pivotal changes and losses of religious freedom and freedom of speech over the past few years portend a bleak future Christians must take seriously.

Christian businesses and charities are being forced to get out of certain states, like the Catholic adoption agencies have had to do in places like Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. Wade-like decision, the fact is that the number of Christians being punished for their religious beliefs is on the rise. Christians will be forced to choose between violating their religious beliefs and earning a living.

Already, the government is using its force to harass religious organizations in different areas, like adoption and foster care for example.

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Catholic Charities has been forced out of several places because of their religious beliefs on marriage and the family. Feminism was taken over by lesbians, by those who wanted quotas and abortion on demand. But in a shift that began in the latter part of the 20th century and continuing into the 21st century, many secular feminists saw men as the enemy in a war between the sexes, adding yet another reason for Christian women to disassociate themselves from the movement.

Ellen compounds the sin of homosexuality by using the platform she's been given to lead others astray. Groups are planning demonstrations outside American Girl stores, and some Catholic schools and churches have canceled American Girl fashion shows.

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According to an article in The Politico, this bill is among the homosexual activist Human Rights Campaign's three political priorities for the th Congress and with the Democrats in control of Congress, it could be considered. During the War in Iraq, our military has other concerns and its attention should not be refocused.

It is alarming that our elected officials would seek to conduct radical San Francisco style social experimentation within the ranks of our military during a time of war. Cliff Stearns…denounced Clinton's proposal at a news conference attended by three other Republican House members and leaders of groups ranging from the Retired Officers Association to Concerned Women for America. Their opposition Wednesday included fears that allowing overt homosexuality in the military would destroy discipline and pose problems from the foxhole to the dance hall.

Colin Powell has disassociated himself from a full-page ad…in USA Today that urged readers to express opposition to gays in the military.

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Powell wrote. This judge's ruling shows a blatant disregard for Congress and the military. It should only be at the discretion of Congress and those in military positions who are trained and competent to decide what is in the best interest of the military and what regulations are best for the readiness of our troops. She has acted in a way that denies everything that the Bush administration has worked for. The justices are reviewing a Virginia Court of Appeals ruling that Vermont has sole jurisdiction in the visitation battle between Lisa Miller of Winchester, Va.

Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. First, it's an invasion of student privacy to open sensitive school facilities such as showers, restrooms and locker rooms to students of the opposite sex. Further, the legislation is poorly drafted and flawed, a one-size-fits-all approach that contains no standards, guidelines or rules. The law does not require that a student have ever demonstrated any indication that he she or considers himself or herself as transgendered.

A student can assert a gender identity at school at any time. Because gender identity is based on feelings and perceptions, he or she can be both transgender and heterosexual at the same time. Because of the lack of requirements, some teens and young adults will undoubtedly game the law.

American Women's History Initiative |

Additionally, the law contains no provisions to balance the interests of all students, including those who are transgender. Finally, it is so poorly conceived and drafted that it may result in harming those it intends to help. For example, it contains no provisions for parental involvement to help design an approach to accommodate the specific needs of a transgender student, and it may jeopardize existing local programs that provide less invasive approaches, such as access to single-stall gender-neutral restrooms, private changing areas, and use of faculty restroom facilities.

Such policies are already in effect in a dozen states, allowing for the potential for predators and pedophiles, an explosive problem just waiting to happen. Who Could Stop Him? While youre there, a transgender male a gender-confused person who could be a transvestite, transsexual, or cross-dresser decides to apply for a Social Security position.

After asking for an employment form, he decides to go to the restroom. Under new federal policies issued by the Office of Personnel Management OPM , both of you would be allowed to use the same bathroom.

Women of America Women of America
Women of America Women of America
Women of America Women of America
Women of America Women of America
Women of America Women of America
Women of America Women of America

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